Harlem Shake with a Stewart platform

I had a project assignment to do for one of my university courses (Numerical Analysis). The project was about modeling a Stewart platform in MATLAB. I took it a step further and animated a Harlem Shake of the final result. Enjoy the video!

Here is the code that I have written to generate the images compiled in the video above:

5 thoughts on “Harlem Shake with a Stewart platform”

  1. bonjour,
    je suis un étudiant marocain a l’école normale supérieure de rabat ENSET rabat j’ai choisie moi aussi comme projet de fin d’étude la réalisation de l’Hexapode à 6 axes j’aimerai bien savoir si il est possible que vous m’aider pour mon projet merci

    • Sorry I do not speak French and Google translate doesn’t make much sense of what you want. Is it Matlab code for the example above? Could you please type in English?

  2. Hi! this is a really great job! I want to do something like this for my Stewart platform…Can you send me your code and everything you think could be useful to understand how to do? thank you so much….

  3. Great project assignment. Thanks a lot for that ^_^
    Any illustration for the code or a soft copy of the course materials (Numerical Analysis) related to this project would be highly appreciated. Thanks again. You are great !


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