Old post requests

Hello people.

I got many requests from you to upload old content to this website because many dead links are lying out there (e.g., here and here). The old content is gone because my old server crashed, and it didn’t want to start. After a couple of years, though, the hard drive worked for 30 minutes. That was enough to restore my content.

I will put back here the projects I had done and try to create some schematics too. I will create a proper HTTP 301 redirect from the old URLs to the new URLs as well.

So long!

Hand-powered POV version 2

Today I received the 330Ohm-resistors and bright blue LEDs I ordered. Each LED now has its own resistor, which makes all of them equally bright all the time.

So now I removed the old LEDs, replaced them with new ones, and moved them to the board to be on a straighter line. Now the LEDs are connected so that I don’t need the mirror()-function anymore. That makes the program faster and more synchronized. I also changed a bit the led()-function as I noticed that every led()-function was followed by a wait()-function and implemented some more characters.

Here are some new pictures and the new code:

The new leds The new leds Leds soldered Leds soldered POV Running Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

Hand-powered POV


This week I’ve been working on a POV. It’s my first microcontroller project ever, and it has been fascinating. The microcontroller I used is an Atmel ATMEGA16 programmed with an Atmel AVR Dragon.

The next step is to make it turn around on a motor and calibrate itself automatically with help from a base-placed IR-diode. I have even talked with a local company that will hopefully provide me with a Bluetooth module to make the possible dynamic text change from a mobile phone or any other Bluetooth device.

For those who don’t know, POV stands for Persistence Of Vision.