First week in Greece

I haven’t written much the past week. I have been busy searching for a car, and I have no Internet @ home so I have to visit some Internet Cafe places all the time. The problem here in Greece is that everybody smokes cigarettes, even in public places, they really don’t care about the ones that do not smoke, like me… But this is about to change. From 1:st July there will be a new law forbidding people to smoke in public places. I want to see how this is going to be implemented… There will be so called “smoke-police” visiting random places to see if they are smoking or not. Anyway, I don’t think this is going to work at all. From my opinion something like 90% of the Greek population smokes, which is going to be really hard to just make them stop, and that sucks.

Now on to the pictures. This is snowy Alpes from the airplane Zurich to Thessaloniki in HDR. Thanks to the auto bracketing in the camera I’ve been able to shoot 3 pictures with different exposures really fast. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to make this pictures as the airplane is moving in something like 800 km/h.


I found some bugs to shoot. The first one is a feature, not a bug ;P
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Last Day

So… today is my last day in Hamburg. Tomorrow I fly to Greece and will stay there for a while until I get bored ;-)

My impressions?

  • The wheather in Hamburg can change 20 times a day.
  • Germans need to learn English.
  • The people at InnoGames are awesome! It’s a great environment to work in with fun people all over around you. You actually have fun at work! I’d love to work there if I didn’t have my studies, but I have to prioritize a few things in life.

And a few pics from the today.

Nino in HDR!


A cup of coffe.
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Hamburg is a really nice city, but a thing happened today that annoyed me really a lot.

As the most of you know, I like digital photography, I actually love it. So this is why I decided to upgrade my digital camera. I found a great deal for a Nikon D700 inclusive the battery pack at Media Markt for 2200€ here in Hamburg, so I thought I’d go for it.

I arrive to Media Markt and grab a seller. I ask him if I he can unlock the locker where the D700 was so I can take a look at it (I was determined to get it anyway). It’s was impossible to have a conversation with him, as HE DIDN’T SPEAK ENGLISH (which is a major problem in the most of Germany). I also asked him if they had other FX-lenses (full format) besides the little 50mm thingy, which they didn’t. Come on! You sell Nikon D700 and you don’t have any FX lenses? This is nothing compared to what happened later…

So after a lot of struggling and hand movements with him, I got the Nikon D700, the 50mm lens and a bag for the camera. He gave me a piece of paper and told to go pay for it. So I did… I go to the cashier and give her my VISA card. Guess what? THEY DON’T ACCEPT VISAS! Oh my F*** GOD! They wanted me to go to the bank, withdraw cash and come back and pay them. CASH? WTF? What happens when somebody wants to buy the 40000€ big-ass TV? Should they walk around with 40000€ in cash? This is insane! It’s not even Sparta, it’s insane! If you don’t accept Visas at Media Markt just go and close the f*** shop.

So long for my frustration… Here are a few pics from Hamburg.

Buss station in Hamburg in HDR.


A few pictures on my way from home to InnoGames.
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So now I’m in the Hamburg at the InnoGames office. It is interesting to see how all the people here work together, the developers and all the other “soft”-guys and girls (cause developers are hardcore ;))

Before I left, I fixed my server to be able to update this site =)


The train station in Copenhagen.
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