The BlackWing

BlackWing is a Swedish light sport aircraft manufacturer. They are based in Eslöv, Sweden and currently have a couple of models available for purchase, one is registered as an Ultralight and the other one as Experimental. When paperwork is ready they will also offer the BlackWing as a CS-LSA.

The development of the BlackWing has been focused on creating a very efficient aircraft, with great flying characteristics and high safety standards while still using modern cutting edge technology. And did I mention that the whole thing is made in pre-preg carbon fiber?

Visit their website for more information and watch my video review below.

Flying airplanes and living life

So I haven’t written anything on this website for quite some time. Nothing much has happened since my last post, besides one little thing. I took my private pilot’s license (PPL), which I am very proud of. I am certified to fly small single engine piston (SEP) airplanes up to 5700 kg and land them on land, not water. This happened in the end of June 2015, so it has actually been a while. Since then I have logged a little more than 70 hours of flight time, mainly on Cessnas 172 and 152. In September 2015 I started working on my night rating (NQ) so I can also fly during the night. I still have one hour of flight left before I get this rating but the school, some school in south Sweden (ha!) that I went to, had their teaching permission revoked due to some administrative hurdles. Hopefully they will get it back some time in March and I will finish my rating.

One more thing that I have been doing is studying ATPL theory at TFHS, the aviation school of Lund University (can’t seem to be able to detach my self from this university). I’m still at the stage where I’m doing my school exams, before moving on the EASA exams. Those should be finished some time in early summer (ha-ha summer in Sweden) and then I should attempt the EASA exams. A really nice tool helping me in my ATPL studies is aviation exam. They are not paying me anything for writting about them here, I just really find them useful and I want to share my experience with other students.

So long people, be happy and enjoy life!

Oh and by the way, here is a video of the first flight of the year in snowy Sweden:

12th hour in the air =)

Finally the weather got better and I had time for a flight lesson. The aircraft was without a radio but it is OK since we where flying in G-class airspace. We just had to be extra cautious when looking out for airplanes. In the beginning I did a few stalls and later my instructor simulated engine failures where I should find a field for landing. Before landing we also did a touch-and-go.