Leap Motion – Tell me your ideas

Leap Motion is a company that started with the vision of making the interaction between humans and computers better and more natural. They believe in achieving that using a sensor device that detects your hands.

About half a year ago, I showed my interest as a developer to make applications using their device. As of yesterday, I have received the device, which you can see in the video below.

I want to develop great applications, but I have very few ideas. What kind of applications would you like to see using this technology? Please tell me your ideas in the comment field below.


RFID tag emulation with an AVR

Some time ago, I read this article about using an AVR ATtiny85 microcontroller to emulate an EM4102 RFID tag, and today I thought of giving it a try.

I used an Arduino as an ISP programmer to program the ATtiny85 with this source code. The electronics used:

  • 1x AVR ATtiny85
  • 1x 10uF capacitor
  • 1x 22uF ceramic capacitor
  • 1x Home-made coil from toilet paper cardboard

Here are some pictures and a video from the result: