Harlem Shake with a Stewart platform

I had a project assignment to do for one of my university courses (Numerical Analysis). The project was about modeling a Stewart platform in MATLAB. I took it a step further and animated a Harlem Shake of the final result. Enjoy the video!

Here is the code that I have written to generate the images compiled in the video above:

Roger Waters in Athens

I was at one of Roger’s concerts in Athens on the 9:th of July. The show will be released as a DVD, and therefore all the mobile phones and digital cameras were forbidden because of the flashlights that would destroy the images on the wall.

Anyway, someone somehow managed to sneak in a camera and record Comfortably Numb, hopefully without any flashlight.

Opeth in Malmö

This is were I was last Friday. Opeth played at the festival of Malmö in the south of Sweden.

Opeth is a Progressive Death Metal band from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. And they played my favorite song!