The BlackWing

BlackWing is a Swedish light sport aircraft manufacturer. They are based in Eslöv, Sweden and currently have a couple of models available for purchase, one is registered as an Ultralight and the other one as Experimental. When paperwork is ready they will also offer the BlackWing as a CS-LSA.

The development of the BlackWing has been focused on creating a very efficient aircraft, with great flying characteristics and high safety standards while still using modern cutting edge technology. And did I mention that the whole thing is made in pre-preg carbon fiber?

Visit their website for more information and watch my video review below.

First solo and first cross-country solo flight

My 30th hour in the air is approaching. The required hours for a PPL license are 45. I really like flying, it’s something that grows on you. So far I have performed a few hours of solo flight, which means that you are alone in the cockpit flying the airplane. The cross-country solo flight is a little longer version of a longer flight where you navigate to a nearby airport. Enjoy the videos!

12th hour in the air =)

Finally the weather got better and I had time for a flight lesson. The aircraft was without a radio but it is OK since we where flying in G-class airspace. We just had to be extra cautious when looking out for airplanes. In the beginning I did a few stalls and later my instructor simulated engine failures where I should find a field for landing. Before landing we also did a touch-and-go.

Flight lessons

Last year in September I started taking lessons towards a private pilots license (PPL) for aeroplanes. There is an aviation club nearby ( that also works as a pilot academy. It is a great feeling seeing the earth from above =)

Here come some videos from my first few flight lessons. More will come, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get updates immediately.

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