Sagemcom F@st 2404 Original Firmware

Greetings, future me or anyone else who may stumble upon this message.

Have you encountered the unfortunate situation of being compelled to use a Sagemcom F@st 2404 ADSL modem? Perhaps you were daring enough to install OpenWRT on it, only to realize that you lack the necessary 3.3V serial cable to proceed past the “firstboot” screen.

Fear not, for Uncle Dimme once again comes to the rescue! No need to delve deep into the abyss of scouring Tunisian telecom-company forums in search of the original firmware.

Here’s a simple solution for you:

  1. Download the Original Firmware from here ( and unzip it – hooray!
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the modem.
  3. Power up the modem while continuing to hold the reset button.
  4. After approximately 20 seconds, observe the power LED turning red, and then release the reset button.
  5. Connect an Ethernet cable and manually configure your PC’s IP address to
  6. Open your web browser and go to, then proceed to flash the firmware.
  7. Allow a minute for the process to complete.
  8. Reboot your router using the web interface.
  9. Embrace the joy of your less-than-stellar, sluggish ADSL internet.

May your online ventures be filled with perseverance and patience!