Blocket Contest Solution

Problem Description

As I mentioned last week I have participated in a contest. In total I got 17 points, which means 7 extra points out of 10 for my solution in the last challenge. That puts me in place 28, or in place 3, depending if you consider everybody with the same points in the same place or not.

Here comes my solution, the problem description can be found in the picture above.
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Blocket Easter Eggs Contest is a Swedish online market for buying and selling goods. They are very big and probably exist in your country too under a different name.

They are now hiring people and what better way to recruit programmers than setting up a contest? They have hidden 10 easter eggs (geeky riddles) in the guts of their website and the challenge is to find them and provide the right answers.

Me and a friend of mine have found them all. We also found out that the last egg has a follow-up task which you are not required to complete. However, I have completed it and I will post my answer here after the contest ends on the 7:th of April.