Euro 2012 Greece iPhone App

The past 2 weeks I have been making an iPhone application for the team of Greece in the UEFA EURO 2012 championship. Right after the 1-1 against Poland, Apple has now released my application to the public.

I was hoping for them to be a little faster but better late than never. This is the version 1.0 and if you are interested about Greece or just simply want a livescore application for Euro 2012 in greek, you can download it from here for free:

Download Link

Here are some screenshots of the first version. Version 1.1 will be submitted shortly and will contain more live information about the games and teams.

Greek postal codes database

I’m doing a project were I need to have access to all the Greek postal codes. I couldn’t find them anywhere on the Internet so by personal labor, sweat, and years of hard work I compiled my own complete database of ZIP/postal codes in Greece.
After doing all that I thought what if somebody else needs this information on the future, so here I release the database under the following license:

“You may use the database for anything you want, even if you earn money from it. The only thing you must do is mention my name and website in any place/program where you use this database, directly or indirectly.”