Path to OSCP/PEN-200

Over the next few months (years?) I will document my attempt to obtain the OSCP certification on this blog. By doing my own research online, I have concluded that probably the following path is the most optimal:

  1. Complete the Offensive Pentesting TryHackMe learning path – Done.
  2. Complete TJ_Null’s list of Hack The Box OSCP-like machines.
  3. Enroll in the OSCP/PEN-200 course and complete your certification.

As evident by the list above, I have completed the first step:

So the next step is to complete TJ_Null’s list.

I’m aware that many other security professionals have done similarly in the past, and this is my way of learning while returning to this site and reviewing my notes. As a bonus, you can use my notes in your journey should you decide to take the OSCP certification.

By the way, here is my Hack The Box profile, and yes, sadly, you will need a VIP subscription to be able to access retired machines. I purchased the annual subscription and canceled it immediately so that it doesn’t surprise me by renewing automatically in a year.

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