Hand-powered POV version 2

Today I received the 330Ohm-resistors and bright blue LEDs I ordered. Each LED now has its own resistor, which makes all of them equally bright all the time.

So now I removed the old LEDs, replaced them with new ones, and moved them to the board to be on a straighter line. Now the LEDs are connected so that I don’t need the mirror()-function anymore. That makes the program faster and more synchronized. I also changed a bit the led()-function as I noticed that every led()-function was followed by a wait()-function and implemented some more characters.

Here are some new pictures and the new code:

The new leds The new leds Leds soldered Leds soldered POV Running Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

5 thoughts on “Hand-powered POV version 2”

  1. sir , i’m interested in making of pov with atmega16 can u please give me the order of leds with respect to ports…
    or give me the circuit diagram ..thanks….

  2. Just pick the ports according to the init() function. I don’t remember the mapping and I don’t have the schematics any more.


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